Metal Finishing Equipment Sales

Deburring, blasting and cleaning equipment for metal or plastic parts finishing.

Air Blasting

A combination of compressed air and abrasive media of different types to achieve the desired level of finish on a surface.
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Parts Washing

Removal of machine oil and debris from parts through a cleaning process to achieve your desired result.
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Robotic Finishing

This method is becoming popular in part because of the improvements in quality. By eliminating human error, you get a more consistent result along with a boost in capacity.
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Wheel Blast

An airless process which allows for scale, rust, and paint removal along with surface refinement for plating/coating application.
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Vibratory Finishing & Grinding

Deburring and other mass finishing applications that use a variety of media to achieve your desired result.
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Used Equipment

We offer a selection of used and refurbished metal finishing equipment including grinders, polishers, tumblers, and vibratory finishers.
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3D Printing Finishing

Since 3D printing technology builds the final object layer-by-layer, the parts often contain rough surfaces and visible layers that require finishing to strengthen the object and improve cosmetic appearance.
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Wet Blasting

Wet blast abrasive technology is cleaner, often faster, more effective, more efficient, and more accurate than traditional abrasive blasting processes — and it’s significantly easier to manage, monitor and maintain.
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Vibe & Barrel Relines

We can reline, repair or restore your mass finishing equipment including vibratory bowls, tubs and barrels in any machine model.
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Comprehensive Parts Finishing Equipment for the Aerospace, Medical and Automotive Industries

Whether you need to blast, wash, deburr or cure metal and plastic parts, we can help you identify the right equipment for the results you require. For more than 70 years, we’ve offered metal parts finishing equipment to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and throughput, provide better parts finishing and a return on your investment.

We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Hammond Roto-Finish, Empire, Gibson and JenFab with the goal of serving as a complete resource for metal finishing equipment. We recognize the demand for quality systems that deliver increased productivity. Our team is committed to understanding your needs and working closely with you to determine what equipment will solve your unique challenges.

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