Wet Blasting

Wet Blasting

Automated wet blasting systems for industrial parts

Wet Technologies

With 20 years of experience in forward-thinking development, Wet Technologies is your most knowledgeable and capable resource for Wet Blasting technology. What is Wet Blasting? Think dry blasting, or sand blasting, only better. Exponentially so. Wet blast abrasive technology is cleaner, often faster, more effective, more efficient, and more accurate than traditional abrasive blasting processes — and it’s significantly easier to manage, monitor and maintain.

Manual Cabinets

  • The following array of standard systems and manual configurations are available today from Wet Technologies. These models reliably serve the diverse needs of various industries across the country and around the globe. They are easily integrated into your work environment, and because they are closed-loop slurry blast systems, there’s no risk of dust explosions and no dangerous chemicals to handle. Cabinets may be made of stainless steel or molded plastic. Each system can be delivered and operate as is. Or, we will customize a machine to meet your specific operation’s production and installation needs.

Automated Finishing

  • Do you have high capacity requirements that demand volume, speed and ease of use? Then look into automated wet blast finishing technology. Wet Technologies engineers automated wet blasting equipment that satisfies these needs. Innovations such as dual load doors and power drives enable one part to be processed while others are loaded and unloaded. Consult with our team on how we can further customize automated finishing systems to accelerate your production.

Robotic Systems

  • Robotics has become a practical path to productivity for more applications and processes than ever before. Parts that require multiple moving nozzle angles are good candidates for Wet Tech designs, mating part handling and delivery with a multi axis robotic wet blasting system. Or, the part itself can be manipulated by robot, with the slurry nozzle (or nozzles) either stationary or moveable. In addition to being a Motoman Service Provider (MSP), we also integrate Fanuc, and other 6  and 7 axis robotic systems for industrial and military applications to meet your requirements.
  • More controllable parameters than dry blast processing.
  • Fully integrated with our standard manual and semi-automatic systems as well as shuttle and rotary configurations. Programmed at our factory.
  • Industrial TIG welded stainless construction.
  • Our bar code and data recording capability matches each part to it’s own program for life.
  • Increased margins through predictable, high-quality production helps you stay competitive, retain and win new business.

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