Blasting Media

Blasting Media

Remove burrs and surface contamination to achieve your desired finish texture


Zirblast beads are durable blasting media that offer effective cleaning power with no surface contamination to deliver a smooth satin finish. They are suitable for blasting the surface of all kinds of steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys to remove oxide, rust, sand, coatings and burrs.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is fused alumina grains which are extremely hard and angular, achieving fast cutting action for mass finishing. Grit sizes are precisely screened for “specification use,” which may be reclaimed many times providing an economical solution for your blasting needs

Glass Bead

Glass bead blasting is an effective and proven process used in mass finishing. Bead blasting produces a smoother and brighter finish compared to angular abrasives. Through bead blasting, there is minimal to no dimensional change to metal surface. Glass bead blasting will not leave embedded contaminates or residue and can improve corrosive resistance.

Steel Shot

The use of steel shot blasting for surface preparation can provide effective surface preparation without the need for harsh chemicals or other potentially hazardous materials. You may be able to reduce surface preparation time by as much as 75 percent, while providing substantial labor cost savings. Steel shot can also remove scale and other surface debris without damaging or removing the underlying metal while promoting adhesion of pain, epoxy, and metal coatings.

Silicone Carbide

Silicone Carbide is one of the hardest abrasive media. It provides a very fast cutting action and can be recycled many times. Given its hardness, it allows for shorter blast times relative to other blasting media.

Plastic Media

Recommended for general metal removal or pre-plated finishing and polishing. Plastic media is normally used for softer metals, such as brass and aluminum, and will result in a very smooth “matte” type finish.

Choosing Your Blast Media

Choosing the right blast media depends on the desired finish and application for your metal parts. Whether you are looking for a long-lasting abrasive for aggressive finishing or media that can produce a more textured finish, Stanley Industries is your trusted partnered. We understand the nuances of selecting the correct media and our long-standing agreements with the industry's leading suppliers means our customers can rest assured that they're getting the best product at the best value.

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