Vibratory Deburring/Tumbling Media

Vibratory Deburring & Tumbling Media

Metal vibratory and burnishing compounds for your metal finishing needs

Ceramic Media

Created in various sizes, shapes, cut capabilities and harnesses to achieve your desired result for mass finishing. Our no-charge quality lab along with our engineering team will analyze your parts, and apply the appropriate media to allow for reproducible results in the most economical way.

Plastic Media

Recommended for general metal removal or pre-plated finishing and polishing. Plastic media is normally used for softer metals, such as brass and aluminum, and will result in a very smooth “matte” type finish.

Polishing Media

A type of ceramic media used specifically to polish and brighten your parts. These medias can be manufactured in extremely small sizes to handle intricate parts to accomplish your desired result.

Steel Media

Available in various sizes both in mild and stainless steel. Used for minor deburring, edge break, and burnishing. If used with the correct vibratory chemistry our customers can achieve a “chrome-like” finish if desired.

Corn Cob

A cost effective biodegradable material, used as both a tumbling and vibratory media to absorb dirt and oils and dry parts, without affecting the surface of the parts. Corn cob can also act as a burnishing media and comes in various grit sizes.

Choosing Your Vibratory Deburring Media

Choosing the right vibratory deburring media depends on the desired finish and application for your metal parts. Whether you are looking to improve surface finish, decrease processing time or protect media and machinery, we can help you identify the most cost-effective option for your goals. Our long-standing agreements with the industry's leading suppliers mean our customers can rest assured that they're getting the best product at the best value.

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